Sunday, March 23, 2014

Odds and Ends

So it's been a busy week. And not in a "oh, look how much crocheting, baking, or fun projects I got done!" sort of way.

Work was crazy. Really crazy. Exhaustingly crazy. 'Nuff said.

Also, the movie, you know THE MOVIE, came out this week on DVD. My daughter loves it. We've already watched it twice. Which is really very few times considering. I have to admit, though, that when we put it on, I drop everything and watch it, too. With the movie, though, comes the desire for toys based upon the movie. My daughter wants a specific doll. A specific doll that is incredibly rare right now. Sweet Pea wants it for her birthday and we had to start the conversation this week of, "Honey, we might not be able to get one for your birthday. They just don't have any, ok?" I refuse, flat out refuse, to follow the crazies and shop ebay for one. Not. Going. To. Happen. So I'll find it when I find it. It doesn't help that we are being very picky as to which version of this doll we are willing to buy, too. I am also refusing to buy one just for the sake of buying. I will wait and get the nice one. The one that actually looks like the character from the movie. In the mean time one of my very dear friends is making Sweet Pea an Elsa costume. Well, the cape at least. I'll be creating the skirt in the form of a tutu. Trust me, when I start this project I will photo-document it and post here. Me... making a tutu. NEVER thought that'd happen.

Anyways, on to an update about George.

Today was a day that all sourdough owners have to face. A day (or two) where the starter bubbles, but does not double. Active, but not doing what it should. George had grown too large. So we took two cups out to make bread sticks. (I'll post the recipe if we like it.) I then took a scant 1/2 cup out to keep. Then I ended up throwing away almost 3 cups of starter. It wasn't active enough to even give away at this point, so we're basically starting over. I'll give it a feeding of whole wheat before storing it for the week and George should be back to normal next week. Still, even knowing it had to be done doesn't take the sting out of the process. Maybe I'm too attached??

In crochet-land, I've succumbed to my inevitable ADD when it comes to projects. I always have 2 or three going at a time to keep myself from growing bored.

Yesterday I started the Snowdrop Shawl. I'm making it for my mother-in-law. (For some reason, I truly prefer making gifts to making things for myself.) I'm using the Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn in "Echo." So far I'm loving the pattern and how it's turning out.

The picture isn't doing the colors justice at all. It's quite lovely.

I was very nervous to use this yarn as the reviews I'd read complained of it actually just falling apart as people were working with it. I have to say that now I'm more concerned with how much tension the reviewers use while crocheting!! So far I am not having a single problem with it. I love the feel of it and can't wait to see how the whole shawl looks when I'm done. In fact, I've already ordered two more skeins in "Tidal" to make another shawl for my niece, E. 

The pattern itself is very easy to do. In fact I would highly recommend it as a first or second project. It just uses basic stitches and yet ends up looking really fancy and beautiful!!

So stay tuned for my attempt at making an Elsa tutu in the near future. Anyone want to take a vote as to how much glitter I end up with all over my house??

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  1. LOL. You are a brave woman to use glitter! What's the saying about glitter being the herpes of the crafting world? You can never get rid of it and it pops up in unexpected times and places. :) Good luck with the tutu! You will need to post pictures of it for sure.