Sunday, March 30, 2014

Glitter, glitter everywhere...

I apologize in advance for the large post. Lots of pictures to come!

First off, last week I got an email from a major online retailer that had just settled a lawsuit with some publishers. The result was a $13 book credit. At first I thought it was only valid for e-books, but discovered it was good for a print book, too! So exciting! I truly prefer print books when I order pattern books, so I was really happy. I ordered this book. I LOVE this book. The borders are amazing. I really want to find all sorts of projects that require fancy borders just to use them. But instead of using them as borders this week, I realized that some of those borders could be put to a different use.

CROWNS for Sweet Pea's 3rd birthday party!! I simply cast on my stitches over a headband and then worked the patterns back and forth. In case you're wondering, my favorite to use from the book is #22 as it looks like a snowflake crown in honor of Elsa.

As you can see, I crocheted beads into the pattern to create jewels. And the best part? One crown takes me approximately 10 minutes to make. So I have 5 crowns made as of this weekend. I think I'll make one more in purple. I was pretty surprised that when I gave Sweet Pea her choice of them, she chose the white one. I also mentioned that I can make her one in any color she wants later. 

But alas, there is one problem with my crown plan. We have one little boy who is attending the party. Sooooo... TADA:
Mouse ears! Again, an easy-peasy project. I just cast on stitches on the headband and then made two circles of the size I wanted. (You can find tutorials for circles all over online.) I then whip-stitched them onto my base row, and voila!

With both the ears and the crowns, I sprayed them heavily with spray starch and pinned them into the shape I was happy with to dry. I let them dry over night, sprayed them again on the other side and let them dry thoroughly. We will see how they hold up! I'm thinking about selling them as I get better at making them.

In other projects, my snowdrop shawl is turning out amazing! I am about half-way done. I'm hoping to have it finished and blocked in two weeks. Totally doable, I think.
I also made Sweet Pea a headband holder yesterday. I was so sick of them falling all over the place and getting stepped on and lost. So I took an empty oats canister, strung a ribbon through it, and hot-glued some fabric over it. I need to make a decorative something for the ends to cover up my half-assed glue job, but it's functional right now.
(pardon the stray sock in the background...)

Now onto the project you've all been waiting for. I made the tutu...

YIKES!! There is glitter everywhere in my house from this thing. I didn't even bother hiding it from her once it was made because, to be honest, I didn't want to put it in a closet and get glitter all over my clothes, coats, or anything else stored IN those closets. It turned out beautiful, though, and I think Sweet Pea will LOVE it. I just need to sew the elastic and it'll be all done. But I'm not feeling it today. I don't want to hand sew it today. It can wait.

I think it looks a bit like a skirt a snow queen would wear!

Just a small sample of how much glitter is in my house right now. Even after vacuuming!!

So that's what I've been up to this week. Busy, busy, busy. But all fun projects! And I promised Sweet Pea an afternoon of movie watching. We are going to make the couch into a bed, cover it with soft pillows and fluffy blankets, and cuddle while we watch a certain movie that is set in a snow storm. Oddly enough, it'll only be the 3rd time I've seen it since we bought it. Only....


  1. You've had a busy and productive weekend! Everything looks great! Embrace the glitter and tutus. You are mother of a girly-girl who happens to love pirates and monsters, too. Best of all worlds, I say!

  2. What the crap... this just showed up on my reader today. Blogs I follow are supposed to show up immediately with new posts. I wonder if I have some settings wrong or something....

    Anyway, WOW! You are busy and productive!!! If I find 20 minutes every other day to work on a project, I feel all proud and victorious. LOL. I love the crowns! (And ears, :) ) And I'll never complain about a free book! Woot! You are brave to take on the glitter, but the skirt is adorable and perfect! When I grow up, I want to be more like you. :)

  3. The key to being like me is to actually NEVER grow up...